A future unknown

First Session

Crash Landing

A passenger zeppelin chartered from CITY to CITY crashed within the Valley of the Mists when calamity and bad fortune struck. It smashed at last on top of a hill, with only three noted survivors following the crash. The zeppelin itself, as well as its cargo, was a total loss.

The survivors three are:

  • The dragonborn Guldiornonkmet Tamara, a Black Mountain guardswoman tasked with general guard duty and a noted order to protect the ship’s cargo,
  • The dwarf Thordek, an outlander and sharp-eyed survivor,
  • The halfling Nor.

Despite efforts made to look for survivors, Tamara had to conclude that no-one else had survived the crash. Well before the zeppelin went up into a blaze.

Under the watchful guidance of Thordek, the survivors of the crash made their way through the Valley over the course of two days, until they finally came across a small settlement of sheep herders. While initially the shepherd that found the group, Willem, was a little caught in fright on seeing Tamara in particular, the group was eventually led to the settlement.

There, they were given a meal, a bit of hospitality, and Willem and his wife besieged the group of well-equipped survivors to hear their own plight. A particular beast stalked the sheep of the thorp, devouring the livestock. Fearing for the fate of other livestock, or worse, Willem asked for the troupe to put an end to the beast that stalked the area.



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