A future unknown

Second Session

On the trail of hound, suddenly ruins

The group decided to keep watch of the thorp’s sheep stock. Tamara was the first to keep watch, and thanks to her experience as a watchwoman, noticed the beast stalking the thorp’s animals killing one of the sheep. She drove the beast off, leaving enough of a trail for tracking purposes well enough alone. She and Thordek investigated the blood earlier, but both decided that the track best be followed the day after, and that no more guard was really needed.

That’s alright with Nor, of course. No guard duty for him.

The next day, the troupe set out to find the beast. Under the tracking expertise of Thordek did they travel deeper into the undergrowth and wlderness of the valley, not at all losing the beast they hunted. For a day and a half they traveled, until they came across an overgrown and deserted stone ruin. The grassy undergrowth hid plenty of dangers, as the beast they stalked was making its hideout in the ruins.

Imagine their surprise when the beast turned out to be a large two-headed canid who’s touch and blood caused the very plants around them to wilt. Ultimately, with shock and awe tactics and sheer numbers, the trio overcame their trial, killing the two-headed abomination.

They entered the ruin, figuring to at least get some information about the valley. They would not be disappointed.

The area was not so much in a state of disrepair as it was just abandoned and left to the elements. What wasn’t devoured by animals or the tooth of time indicated some pretty interesting things. In one of the chambers of the ruin, Tamara found some books in (probably) elven script.

The party came across a statue of a woman at the ruin’s lower level, arms held down in supplication, which Nor later managed to disentangle and activate. The statue rose up a level and into the ruins, turning towards an open vista with its arms spread out. Amazingly, some of the thick mists seemed to have parted. Tamara did find out the statue held some sort of divine magic.

Thordek found some flowing symbols next to some closed doors which did not seem to radiate magic. Tamara could confirm they probably were not.

In a hallway, several doorways were found. Opting to follow the smaller door first over the giant double doors locked and barred from the outside, the group found a study of sorts with signals of habitation and stashing of gear. Tamara found a secret door from a facade in a book case. Nor was the first to dash down the hallway behind this secret door, which turned out to be trapped with magical fire. It nearly killed him. Tamara discovered Nor’s lost eye quite shockingly.

Thordek took to caring for Nor’s wounds, leaving Tamara to explore the hallway. She avoided the trap (provided it did not already expire), and found a room with shelves and a shut case. The shelves were lined with small bags and small gemstones. With ample application of the Mage Hand spell, Tamara looted the bags and gems without risk, and carried the items all back to Thordek and Nor, sharing the booty evenly and openly.



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