A future unknown

Seventh Session

Disease of the Elves

Trekking through the mists, the group tries to find its way towards the direction of the previous ruin’s central statue was aimed towards. In so doing, they come across more goblins, which meet terrible ends involving axes and spells alike. Roderick almost fell to an arrow, but he’s been healed by a healing potion Tamara had on hand.

Within the woods, however, the group comes across a weakened local, an elf afflicted by some manner of disease. It also doesn’t help that the elf doesn’t seem to speak the Common trade tongue at all. He introduces himself as a hunter, but who has become too weak to travel back to his home village. The group decides to take him along, and under Roderick’s translations, trail him back towards his home.

The home of the elves in the valley is situated in front of a massive tree, taller than any of the troupe has ever seen before. All the local villagers are weakened and afflicted by disease, and seem very much hopeless when their ranger returns empty-handed. Distraught about the situation, and overcome with sympathy, the troupe decides to stick around, if only to help the elves. Initially, that means staying the night, hunting and foraging for food, and trying to find out what has happened with the language barrier separating the group somewhat. Though with these strangers willing to help them, hope seems to blossom in the weakened populace.

Apparently, the local priest is holed up within the tree, a massive temple of sorts, but which will only open at the next full moon of the month. Weeks away, it would seem. Sometime during the day, however, another divine statue rises from the soil and the ground, much similar like the statue at the previous ruin, but somehow not quite yet clearing the mists in the area. The elves fall prostate before the statue, begging their goddess for help.

Roderick mostly sticks around to investigate the nature of the disease and where it came from, finding very little answers.

Tamara, angry about the lack of divine answers, mostly tries to break into the temple the next morning, unsuccessfully.

Flint is being Flint.

The group finds that the water is being contaminated by something upstream, and decide to investigate. They find a morass, corrupted by rot and rats alike, with signs of goblin infestation besides within a cave. Having grown sick and tired of fucking goblins, the group is unanimous in their approach – hard, fast, weapons drawn, they slaughter their way in past initial goblin guards and trained guard rats until they find themselves opposed by more rats and goblins than is rightfully healthy for them.

Flint and Tamara suffer heavy harm in the melĂ©e, but manage to kill pretty much every rat and goblin and their leader. Their reward is a right treasure trove of coppers, silver and gold alike, as well as a floating, chattering, giggling skull offering the group a riddle. Its riddle was cracked by Tamara. Following that, the skull explained that the valley promised power to the wielder of six gemstones in hand – gemstones Tamara realized Nor once held, and which the skeletons that escaped the tomb in the previous ruins may now keep.

The troupe investigated the area further. There were signs of this old cavern being a mine if the old, worn skeleton of some manner of humanoid with broken mining tools nearby were any indication. The skeleton of the humanoid was buried with some reverence. Following that, the group set out to try and clear the miasma away from the spring of water, before they returned to the elves’ home, weakened, but wiser.



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