A future unknown

Third Session

Death and fucking up

The great barred door in the ruins was opted to be opened, with Nor taking charge to scout ahead. Thordek and Tamara stayed behind, waiting for him to return, and to bar the door in an emergency.

Many sarcophaguses were set deep within the chamber that Nor uncovered, dusty and abandoned. The furthest one, however, glittered in the torchlight, with gold, or glass or something reflecting the light. In particular, a blue gemstone was set into the hands of the figure inscribed onto the lid of the sarcophagus. Nor managed to pry the gemstone from the lid. He did not expect the other coffins to bust open with skeletal undead ready to claw his throat out.

He fled for the doorway, calling for the others to close the door. While Thordek closed the first door, Tamara waited, if only hoping to buy Nor time as the skeletons advanced. She did not, however, figure Nor not being able to flee.

In arcane fire springing from her hands, she burned Nor and the skeletons. But where the skeletons stood mostly unharmed, Nor had been incinerated entirely. Closing the doors in a panic, and the skeletons barred inside, Thordek and Tamara fled the ruins.

That’s pretty much where breakdown occured. Thordek was appaled at Tamara’s actions, while Tamara was in a daze about ‘[how] he didn’t dodge; why didn’t he dodge?’ She vowed never to let those flames spark from her hands again, and left a marker of gems in Nor’s name and his memory at the foot of the statue in the center of the ruins.

The group, dazed and tired, headed out for the thorp. That night, however, they found it ablaze. Blue goblins torched and ransacked it, and had killed everyone. Thordek and Tamara spread out to thin the herd of miscreants, hoping to find survivors. But after mopping up several of the attackers, and Tamara having to resuscitate and stabilize Thordek, the duo found no survivors. They worked in the night, with the houses burning around them, to find the bodies of the dead and bury them. It wasn’t until the day after that they set out to leave the thorp, and the valley, knowing they only had so many resources for travel.

They set out to travel towards Trilar, due north, for five days, crossing a great chasm and a stone, unsupported bridge, in which the mists seemed to pour. Across the bridge, they also found a merchant’s cart, a dead man, and a very much butchered horse, no doubt the tradesman that the thorp had relied on before, killed by goblins. He, too, was opted to be buried along the road. The group did take a small lockbox with them from the cart. They did not manage to open it.

He was the first of many more to be found along the way towards Trilar, with small farming settlements and other travelers having been murdered and left for the crows.

Six days of travel, with next to no supplies left to their name, Thordek and Tamara arrive at Trilar, the city of Dark magic.



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