A strange dagger
A dagger that was given to “Tamara” buy a unknown merchant.
The blade is somewhat curved and the handle is made for those of the Dragonborn race.

A lucky rabbits foot
Unknown how “Tamara” came in possession of this paw, but somehow she knows it is important for her.

A blood filling book
This strange book with no markings of wear could not be opened. “Roderick” managed to open the book and found out that feeding the book reveals parts of strange rituals.

A book written in unknown language
A greenish book that is starting to flake. Found in the “Cathedral of Knowledge” in “Trilar”. Roderick took it with him and up to today, he is still unsuccessful in translating and reading this book.

A pair of knuckle bone dice, each with a skull symbol on the side that would normally show six pips
These dice were in the possession of “Nor”


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