A future unknown

Fifth Session

Revenge to no Avail

Events happened. I’m kinda at a loss of what happened.

Roderick and Tamara found themselves back into exploring the Gold Tree Park, following a warning from a woman telling Tamara she saw a suspect person wandering the grounds. Roderick eventually uncovered a hatch in the northern section of the park, leading into the ruins of a layer under the city. It was almost impossible to tell how old they were, but they were likely to be the very foundation of Trilar proper.

Under the city, the duo found a copse with an old tree guarded by a dryad. Using her magical wiles, she lured Tamara and Roderick over, enchanting them both into at least being friendly towards her. The dryad entrusted Roderick with a seed of her tree the size of his fist. She requested him to plant it where trees grow outside of Trilar. She also entrusted him with the knowledge of someone ‘foul’ being deeper in this stretch of the ruins.

Sure enough, the ruins were not entirely deserted of human life. Within an old shop lit by candles, the duo approached a woman talking to a figure in a doorway. The woman, dressed in black, matched the description of the murderer of Thordek, Annette.

Tamara pretty much blazed into the area, exploding the room with thunder, and knocked the murderer prone. No sight of the second party remained. Through Roderick’s keen use of spells and presence, he let Tamara take charge and absolutely hammer away at the murderer until she was subdued.

That’s about when a devillish figure entered the room, praising the show and the restraint Tamara showed, while absolutely doubting how she could stay like that, openly describing her transgressions of spellcraft in killing Nor in the Valley of the Mists. Or how she failed to keep Thordek safe by even leading Annette to his cell. He killed his servant while Roderick and Tamara were absolutely frozen in place by fear or magic or both, and left with a promise of looking forward to see ‘her fall’ and to deliver Nor’s lucky dice in front of the Dragonborn woman. The paralysis ended soon enough for her to lash out with magical fireballs, but her magic flew right through the devillish figure.

Tamara is left mourning. Roderick, meanwhile, takes his time to look through a journal pretty much describing every act of malice Annette committed out of misplaced love and then love scorned. The two recover, and return to Trilar’s surface.

Roderick shares the journal with the captain of the Ruby Swords. That pretty much means someone screwed up.

Things happened.

Roderick and Tamara eventually meet with a dwarf with a bit of a temper and a bit of a bad reputation in a tavern, Roderick eager to set out for the Valley of the Mists for monetary and spellcraft gains.



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