A future unknown

Sixth Session

Into the Valley of the Mists

With supplies bought and packed, Roderick and Flint mount the dwarf’s cart. Tamara heads out with them on foot. And so the three companions set out to the Valley of the MIsts beyond Trilar.

Outside of Trilar, they are attacked by goblins and a pack of trained rats, which are very quickly dispatched. They still manage to hurt Flint’s horse, as well as severely hurt Roderick with an arrow through his arm. Still, no survivors, and Tamara makes a point of taking some of the rats along for a meal later in the day. During setting up camp, two more goblins attack, who very quickly find out that someone hates goblins particularly.

Spoilers, it’s Tamara. There were no survivors, after all.

On the next day, the group travels to the bridge over the chasm with the valley’s mists pouring into it. They are attacked by two groups of goblins from both sides of the bridge. Tamara is quick to fend off two of them at the front, while Flint and Roderick contend with two more. Ultimately, all four goblins fall to combined muscle and spell, leaving only one surviving goblin to yelp about the dangers of a man, a dwarf, and a dragonborn.

In the valley, the group sets up camp once more. On the night watch, a lone zombie stumbled across them, with Roderick waking up Tamara in a timely fashion for them both to bring down the relentless dead body. It is chopped down, and stabbed through its neck once more for good measure, before it’s tossed aside. Not even Flint was aware of the danger, left to sleep in the melee.

The next day, the group moves deeper into the Valley. They find the remnants of a small thorp, which Tamara sadly recounts to be the place where she and her companions stayed until the people were slaughtered by goblins. Now the people, man, woman, children alike, shuffle about aimlessly; every single one turned into zombies. Too many zombies to even contend with, and too many concentrated in the remnants of the burned down thorp, the group decides to follow Tamara’s directions to a ruin she and her previous companions had moved through by chance.

The group explored the ruins again. With Roderick in tow, there was at least someone available to translate the Elven texts within. This included a warning about how ‘betrayal’ was responsible for a locked door that Tamara was very vocal about keeping closed, and them exploring the remains of the burial room. Of which the doors have been absolutely broken down, and no signs of loot, booty, or even a glowing gemstone in particular, were in sight.



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